Prayer and meditation practices can help you find peace, calm and inspiration. When we pray we often lengthen our inhalations and exhalations. Our minds slow down from the frantic pace of the day to focus on what is most important to us. We connect – whether you name with God, with the universe, or with your inner light – as we name what is most on our hearts and minds.

Prayer and meditation practices transcend religion. While there are standard spiritual practices for most faith traditions, engaging in prayer can also be helpful for people with no religious affiliation or who identify as spiritual, not religious. This is why, regardless of how you identify, we invite you to engage with healing prayers for all.

Praying can be done anywhere and at any time. Some find it helpful to sit in silence, others light candles, but praying can also be done while folding the laundry or walking down the street. Trust what comes to you. If you’d like to discuss prayer directly with a chaplain, you can do so at Chat with a Chaplain. You may also submit prayer requests at Request a Prayer.


Source of all life and healing,
Be with me in this time of physical, emotional and spiritual need.
Help me cope with the challenges I am facing.
Comfort and encourage those who love and care and whose lives have been unsettled and disrupted by illness.
I pray for patience and for understanding.
I pray for strength and wisdom.
I pray for healing and for inner peace.


May the One who brings comfort surround you with goodness and strength.
May your Spirit be calmed and renewed.
May you find wisdom to guide you in your journey.
May you and your loved ones know hope and peace.


The light of God surrounds us;
The love of God enfolds us;
The power of God protects us;
The presence of God watches over us
Wherever we are, God is.
And all is well.


O Holy Spirit.
Replace the tension within me with a holy relaxation.
Replace the turbulence within me with a sacred calm.
Replace the anxiety within me with a quiet confidence.
Replace the fear within me with a strong faith.
Replace the bitterness within me with the sweetness of thy grace.
Replace the darkness within me with a glowing light.
Replace the coldness within me with gentle warmth.