Welcome to the first online spiritual support resource for everyone facing cancer – whoever you are, whatever you believe, wherever you are. It was created by professional health care chaplains who are experts in this area. 

When people and their family caregivers are coping with illness, trauma, or grief, often they struggle with issues of spiritual distress, which may or may not be grounded in religious belief or practice.

Spiritual distress is the disruption in one’s beliefs or value system. It can affect a person not only in their thoughts about what is the meaning of their new or ongoing health crisis, but also physically and emotionally. It affects someone’s whole being – body, mind, and spirit – as beliefs once held as important may now be challenged.

This site has been created by HealthCare Chaplaincy Network™, a nonprofit health care organization that has been caring for the human spirit® since 1961. We help people faced with the distress of illness and suffering to find comfort and meaning. We’re a leader in providing compassionate spiritual care in hospitals, online, and elsewhere, and a leader in education and research. The Wall Street Journal (December 8, 2013) reports that the role of spirituality in health care is growing, as more people are recognizing that whole-person care encompasses spirit, mind, and body.

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